The Good, The Bad, And The Golden: We Take A Look At Golden Globe Red Carpet Moments

Ah, the Golden Globes. One of our biggest guilty pleasures is sitting cross-legged on our couches and pretending to be Joan Rivers during the red carpet pre-awards shows (watch us actually pretend to be Joan Rivers tonight at the Critics' Choice Awards!). And while we're into the Oscars as much as the next person, there's something about the Golden Globes that brings out the best—non-shellacked—versions of our favorite ladies in cinema. There are some stars who consistently show off their solid, classic style sense (or the fruits of a good stylist, rather), but we're bigger fans of moments of unexpected glamor, be it in the form of a daring corset belt, or a flirty minidress. But, of course, what's the fun of a red carpet without a little thumbs-down-ing? Here are the best of the bunch, and the worst of the rest.
The Good
Cameron Diaz, '09
This is a pink dress that doesn't give us a toothache. Cameron and Chanel go together like Fab and -ulous.
Marisa Tomei, '09
While this dress got Marisa undeservedly put up on quite a few "Don't" lists, we love the fact that she wasn't afraid to dress up by not putting on a dress. And that belt! We want!
Anne Hathaway, '09
This Armani gown is so unbelievable that if we ever got our hands on it, we'd stalk red carpet events exclusively just for the opportunities to show this baby off.
Amy Adams, '09
Too much black, and one starts to look like Morticia Addams, but the frothy black dress against her fair skin is princess-perfect.
Rumer Willis, '09
So we like purple. So what!? The classic waist belt, the way the skirt falls, and the slight clash with her auburn locks is beyond delectable.
Kate Hudson, '02
The "down-to-whooaa" neckline shows up more at MTV events than the Golden Globes, but we can't find one thing not classy about this long-sleeved column dress that Kate Hudson has on.
Maggie Gyllenhaal, '09
Leopard Lanvin. We say no more.
Michelle Williams, '06
There's little wrong you can do with Givenchy Haute Couture, especially when you look like a sugar plum fairy in it.
Reese Witherspoon, '07
It was the simplicity of the entire shebang—the strapless dress, the straight hair, and the classic heels—that got printed out and tacked up on inspiration boards in offices across the nation.
The Bad
Rachel Griffiths, '09
We kind of wish Rachel had left this un-pressed, duvet-of-a-gown Six Feet Under from whence she came.
Blake Lively, '09
If you wear a dress in a size too small, even a Nina Ricci can look like it was from Windsor.
Jenna Fisher, '09
Perfect for a beach wedding! But, Jenna baby. You're not at a beach wedding.
Lara Flynn Boyle, '03
Who could forget this audacious attempt by Lara Flynn Boyle at out-diva-ing all the other GG attendees? Dance on, ballerina. Dance on.
Renee Zellweger, '09
A black colored bustier might have saved the bit, but all the nude action does is make Renee look like she's suddenly misplaced her nipples.
Beyonce, '07
Beyonce tried for the literal translation of "Golden Globes," but we think her clever wordplay might have been overshadowed by her sheen bouncing off her bosom.
Rose Mcgowan, '07
In case Rose Mcgowan's dress loses its first bra, it's got a spare slung around the hips.
Jennifer Lopez, '09
You know that velour couch hanging out in your grandfather's den? It's not there anymore because JLo took it and made it into a dress.
Courtney Love, '00

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