Rad or Bad: Is the Jacket-Backpack Hybrid Stylish Or Just Silly?

There's nothing like a quality piece of practical clothing that has more purposes than one (see our list of convertible clothes that do double-duty), but that doesn't mean that we want our sneakers to turn into roller skates, or our earmuffs to suddenly sprout headphones. So, when confronted with this latest hybrid—the jacket/backpack...aka jackpack —we didn't know which way we bent. On one hand, they're pretty cool as fashion objects, and we were huge fans of the way they fluttered and moved on the spring runway at Rad Hourani. On the other hand? Well, how annoying would it be to have to remove your jacket each time you wanted to take out your chapstick?
Above, from left: Pendleton for Opening Ceremony Spring 2010 Lookbook; H by Harris Leather Jacket with Attached Backpack, image via High Snobriety.
Above, from left: Rad Hourani Spring 2010 Lookbook; Rad Hourani Spring 2010, image via NY Mag.

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