5 Real Stories Of Getting Canned

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Last week, parts of Jill Abramson's first major interview since stepping down as executive editor of the New York Times were released. The insights were personal, inspiring, and frank, but something became abundantly clear in her story: Abramson is good at getting fired. She's taking it like champ — perhaps even in the most literal sense of the phrase.
"Is it hard to say I was fired? No. I've said it about 20 times," the eight-time Pulitzer Prize winner and former NYT staffer told Cosmo. But, the thing is, for anyone who's ever been handed the pink slip — or even just irrationally feared it was their inevitable fate — we may not all own up to our career speed bumps as courageously. And, more than likely, there won't be a media storm of interviews and opportunities to share our stories, however deserving we may be of a platform.
Should the news be broken to us, we'll need to pick ourselves up and carry on. We'll need to reevaluate our plans, goals, and priorities (yes, like paying rent or supporting a family). We may need to find comfort that even talented, brilliant, and — ahem — "badass" women have been in this situation before. Abramson is one example, Anna Wintour is another (she's famously recommended at least one job-loss experience), but the real stories and advice from the five once-fired women ahead may be just as powerful.

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