Are No Brows About To Be The New Bold Brows?

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I once had an art teacher say that if art is everything, it's nothing. The same can be said of brows: If all brows are bold, that boldness becomes irrelevant. So, it seems inevitable that a new brow trend is soon to replace the bushy caterpillars we've all spent the past year crafting on our faces. My prediction? I bet brows are about to do a 180: No brows will be the new strong brows.
To be clear, I'm not talking about the over-plucked, precise arches of decades past. I think (hope?) we've all learned our lesson when it comes to following trends in such a permanent way. However, I do think that we'll all start toning down our natural brows instead of playing them up.
The no-brow look has slowly but surely started to appear on edgy magazine covers and advertisements, with cool-girl models and under-the-radar celebs flaunting brows brushed with concealer rather than dark-brown pomade. Where strong brows have become the editorial norm, no brows stand out. They make you do a double take.
If you're thinking you would never do anything like that, try to remember a time when a strong brow wasn't desirable. Now, look at us: I think I must say the phrase "fierce brow game" at least once a day. Just like how high-waisted jeans came back into style as soon as I purged my drawers of everything but super-low-rise denim, now that we've all mastered our brow gels, pencils, and powders, we're going to want to throw them out. It's just how it goes.
So, if you're interested in trying this look, makeup artist Rachel Wood suggests combing your foundation or concealer through your brows or using a brow gel that's one or two shades lighter than your natural color. To complement the effect, she says, "A no-brow look is really cool with smudgy, rock-and-roll eyes. Not a full-on smoky eye, but a gray or chocolate pencil really mushed in around the eye line." Wood suggests putting on the liner and then squeezing your eyes together to get a slept-in look, then following up with a ton of mascara.
So, what do you think? Do you feel like bold brows are here to stay, or could you see this look catching on?

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