A Fashion Person's Guide To Tattoo Trends

Bringing together something as temporary as trends with something as permanent as tattoos seems like a bad idea, given all the ankle kanji, lower-back butterflies, and tribal armbands that laser-removal services come across these days. There's a reason that certain types of American traditional-, irezumi-, and Polynesian-style tattoos have always looked contemporary, even if the ink itself is 50 years old. That they are considered the Birkens, 2.55s, and Speedys of skin art is partly to do with great, clean design, and partly to do with the fact that there's a lot of artistry and skill that goes into them. A sloppy Sailor Jerry tat is like a Canal Street bag — fun for the moment, but ultimately, you'll wish you hadn't skimped on a cheap version. (And, unlike the bag, you're going to be forced to match it to your outfits for the rest of your life.)
Just as trapezes, Pashlis, and PS1s have cemented their places in the ranks, so, too, have a few new styles of tattooing. Stunning and impressive when done right, these five new tattoo trends are favorites among the fashion set, and are bound to look as great with a jet pack in 2064 as they do with your sport sandals in 2014.

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