We Dare You To Do Fancy All Day

True — we look forward to our friends' birthday parties for weeks, and we can get a little too excited for planned picnics in the park. (We may or may not be known to show up with flatware, a boom box, and five choices of tart). But, if you ask us what the best kinds of events are, we'll tell you they're those days when we have no plans. Clear agenda, full hearts, can't lose.
But, don't think we're staying cooped up when we happen across one of those rare empty-cal occasions. We're out, ready for anything, and typically dressed up in something that'd work for all manner of adventure-having — maybe a sundress that's a little more special than the usual. Some have 3-D embellishments, some are gown-length, and some have a high-shine that's more used to sparkling under a disco ball than the sun. But, whatever the case, going fancy all day long means you'll be ready to hit up anything that comes your way, no excuses. Here, five bring-it-on sundresses that just dare you to take another day off.

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