The Dos & Don'ts Of Wedding-Guest Attire: Celebrity Edition

Photo: Allen Berezovsky/WireImage.
The "what to wear" question usually strikes us even before we send back our RSVP for an upcoming wedding. We consider location, the dress code (if the invitation specifies one, that is), and, of course, the couple getting married. And, while the query itself doesn't call for an immediate freakout, the closer the big day creeps, the more the pressure builds. So, consider the slides ahead your personal 10-step guide to crafting a wedding-guest look that feels so much more special than just slipping into your worn-to-death LBD.
As for who to send a thank-you note to, these tips are barely even ours. We've compiled some of the prettiest, coolest, and most Champagne-toast worthy, dance-floor ready looks worn by celebrities this year. Not only were these ensembles red carpet hits, but they're sure to inspire your wardrobe for any lovefests currently in your iCal. Read 'em and weep (hey, it's a wedding — you're allowed!).

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