3 Summer Trends Anyone Can Pull Off

Our summer style philosophy usually follows the "If it's too complicated, why bother?" mantra. But, that doesn't mean we're about to phone it in — or ignore the season's exciting, new designs in favor of our old cutoffs and go-to sundresses. This is the time of year to start incorporating those plucked-from-the-runway looks that are actually much easier to master than their Fashion Week debut photos might have suggested.
In an effort to make every trend a no-brainer, we've translated three buzzy styles into nine ensembles suited to any experience (or laziness) level. That means, we've pulled together the lowest impact ways to give them a try, as well as expert examples for the true overachieving style savants we know.
So, learn how to dip a toe in with these inspired summertime looks. Or, ya know, CANNONBALL!

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