This Is The Only Summer-Jam Playlist You Need

SUMMERCLOCKWISE, ABOVE FROM LEFT. PHOTO: COURTESY OF PMR Records; Interscope Records; Viceroy; Peacefrog Records.
Happy first official day of summer, y'all. It's time for BBQs, tan lines, and spending all your free time on that lil' patch of sand called the beach. Oh, and jams — lots and lots of summer jams.
Not to be confused with the songs of summer, these jams are the tracks that bring on the chillest of vibes and keep the people movin' all season long. What makes a summer jam, you ask? Well, they must inspire copious amount joy. Oh, and we cannot forget themes of exquisite liberation. Summer offers an infinite number of possibilities — and it's up to you to explore them all. No professional warm-weather adventurer would romp around with just any ol' soundtrack. That's where we come in. It hasn't been proven by science (yet), but rumor has it, this mix will ward off whatever bout of summertime sadness that might try to come and kill your vibe this season. Handle it with care. It was built with love.
Now go! Press play, explore, and groove on.

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