Master The Art Of Celebrity Beach Hair

What is it about the beach that makes your hair look so good? Salt air seems to be the number-one styling aid for adding just the right amount of texture, hold, and wave. And, no one seems to know this better than our favorite celebrities.
Just a scroll through their Instagram feeds provides immediate beachside-hair inspiration. But, even though many of us aren't regularly jetting off to St. Barths, that doesn't mean we can't get great beach hair of our own. Heck, even if you can't make it to your nearest shoreline, there's still an opportunity for you to fake that sea, sand, and salty-air texture thanks to tons of cool products that aim to replicate it.
Ahead, we rounded up eight stars who have some of the best beach hair on Instagram, and then matched up products to help you get the look at home. Consider it a tropical vacation for your hair — even if the rest of you is stuck at your desk.

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