How To Instantly Double Your Closet

We don't know what we're doing wrong, but the mice we encounter in our lives definitely don't stitch us couture gowns while we're not looking. And, the only types of people who promise to grant our wishes do it in the same breath as asking for Kickstarter donations. The point is, we've learned that there's no such thing as a free lunch. Free clothes? Ha. Wouldn't that be nice.
Free is overrated, anyway. You've come to understand that the secret to actually appreciating what you own is when you've had to work to make it yours. By that logic, creating something new with your old things should be even more satisfying. Multiplying your potential outfit permutations — without spending a dime — is as simple as seeing your old things in a new light. With a little inspiration (which is free), you'll be able to expand the limitations you've previously put on each item in your wardrobe. Ahead, we'll show you how to take a handful of last year's purchases and make them relevant for this season. Your brand-new old closet awaits!

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