10 Flattering Dresses For YOUR Body — Bring It, Summer!

Photo: Courtesy of Reformation.
When it's 102 degrees and humid outside, you'd rather not think about getting dressed. Instead, your mind is focused on getting from point A to point B without melting and not on worrying about putting together a full outfit. That's why you rely on the trusty, throw-on-and-go dress to wear all season long — just one and you're done.
But, to ensure you look polished (and not like you haphazardly threw on a sack), you also need a dress that highlights your best qualities. So, to help you find that perfect style, we crafted a simple guide ahead showcasing the most flattering frocks for every shape. Click through to find one that's bound to fit your frame beautifully, so you don't have to give getting dressed another thought until the leaves start changing colors.

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