S.F. Buzz: Danny Bowien's Baby Boy, A New Cleanse, & More

mainPhoto: Courtesy of CAN CAN Cleanse/Ashley Batz.
As the adage goes, news travels fast. And, in a city as socially connected as S.F., "fast" doesn't even cut it — try lightning speed. That's why we local editors work around the clock to keep our eyes on the prize and ears to the ground to bring forth the buzziest and freshest headlines in and around our city. From a new space for a fave confectionery to the latest (weird) social-media craze, here's everything you need to know this week.
The New York Times has caught on to S.F.'s long-standing, ice-cream craze. Cult classics like Bi-Rite Creamery and Humphry Slocombe top its list, but NYT taps up-and-coming spots like Garden Creamery and Cremeux ex Machina, too. Anyone in the mood for a scoop? (The New York Times)
Mission Chinese Food and Mission Cantina's Danny Bowien and wife Youngmi Mayer show us around their LES hood and introduce us to quite possibly the cutest baby alive, Mino. Tour their space, and read Mayer's hilarious Q&A (she describes her home as "Amazon chic!"). (Mother)
Getting a little sick of your ol' java rigmarole? This list should perk you right up — literally. (Eater)
Google Glass just keeps getting better and better. Style queen DVF is the new mastermind behind its latest design offerings. On June 23, you can buy the Diane von Furstenberg Google Glasses (which include five new frames and eight shades) on Net-A-Porter. Score! (Google Glass)
Is cleansing next to impossible for you? CAN CAN Cleanse is here to help. The local juice company has released a paleo-driven round of drinks — which also includes TWO muffins. While this isn't a typical cleanse, it is definitely great for those who want to jump-start healthy eating. (CAN CAN Cleanse)

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