4 EASY Outfits That Won't Bore You To Tears

When you open your closet at the crack of dawn, chances are you reach for your basics. Rightfully so — they’re fail-proof, require little to no thinking (which is essential when you haven’t even had your first cup of coffee), and are the foundation of your wardrobe. But, much like you before 8 a.m., those standbys can be tired. Sure, you’ve mastered the art of wearing your tried-and-true pieces a multitude of ways, but even a fashion nerd like you could use a refresh to make old classics feel new.
So, we devised simple styling tricks to make key building blocks — the white tee, denim shorts, a pencil skirt, and seasonal sweats — feel completely unexpected. Try ‘em all ahead. You may never go back to the plain, old jeans-and-tee combo again.

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