Wear This With That: A Summertime Primer

You read up on it, did your research, searched out the perfect version, and slapped down your card to make the purchase. Now, you find yourself standing in front of your mirror wearing nothing but that Magical Summer Buy. Uh, what next? Outside of the glossy pages of fashion magazines, your new find feels like a giant enigma. Sure, it looked great on Cara Delevingne, but you're not quite working with a closetful of Chanel, nor are you sure your boss will be entirely thrilled if you pair it with a just a sports bra and beanie like the model did. Different strokes and such, right?
But, there's a reason this summer's big trends are popular — it's because they look good, when employed correctly. Armed with the appropriate caveats, styling tips, ideas, and rules, we're here to help you figure out what in your own closet works with your newfound statement pieces. Go forth, and wear them confidently — there will be no fashion-victim nonsense on our watch.

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