5 Date-Worthy Outfits To Wear This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of Sandro, Rachel Comey, Debenhams, Zara.
Although we sometimes wish our love lives resembled those rom-coms we gobble up on rainy weekends, we’ve found that dating is more episodic in nature. From the charmed meet-cute to the almighty talk, every couple’s storyline comes in a series of snapshots. And, as much as we dissect the level of attraction that mounts as each scene of a relationship plays out, we’re sometimes just as preoccupied with what to wear for the next one. You know, we want to showcase our obvious appeal without giving away too much — emotionally or sartorially — too soon.
Our first look is as casual (but intriguing) as those intentionally delayed texts. Moving into more serious territory, we're out to impress with our shared esoteric interests and witty repartee, and our knock-em-dead style prowess, too. From those ill-defined drinks-things to your first-ever weekend away, each step of your burgeoning love is styled to the nines ahead. That'll take at least some of the pressure off.

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