The Broke Girl's Guide To Looking Expensive

Photo: Courtesy of Pixie Market.
Your wardrobe says a lot about you. Like, you really couldn't care less what potential dates think about your butt (hello, mom jeans!). Or, you subscribe to the more-is-more camp when it comes to your life (and your prints). But, the last thing you want it blurting out is that you've been rummaging in a clearance bin. After all, dressing expensive doesn't have to mean buying expensive things. So, leave your hard-earned paychecks for your savings account — we've got other plans.
It's easy to look like you've spent a small fortune on your clothes without actually doling out the Benjamins. After digging through a lot of questionable fabrics and cuts, we've crafted the ultimate broke girl's guide to dressing expensive. Follow suit ahead, and your clothes will have nothing but nice things to say.

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