How To Mix Prints & Not Look Crazy

We know you're no fashion wallflower. When you reach into your closet, it’s not the basic, white blouses and boring, black trousers you gravitate toward. Rather, we suspect you seek out bold prints that look like a mash-up between this season’s vibrant collections and your grandma’s crazy wallpaper. While you may be an expert at wearing those motifs one at a time — say, for instance, a bright, polka-dot blouse with crisp, beige culottes — mixing them together can pose a challenge for even the most fashion-forward among us.
So, we’re giving you five easy tips on how to pair your patterns like a pro. You’ll be amazed at how much a Breton stripe and poppy floral can love each other — they may even want to break up with their usual, plain counterparts. Click through; your advanced print-mixing class awaits. Warning: Things are about to get graphic.

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