10 Magical Pieces That Flatter EVERYONE

We call them our Old Faithfuls — the foolproof items that will make us instantly look less frazzled and frumpy, even when we're feeling about as put together as a new set of Legos. After all, we've all stood in front of the mirror at one point or another, utterly flabbergasted at how the same dress can look this different with a new haircut, an additional few pounds, or just thanks to the fact that it's a Monday and there's a full moon tonight.
Unless, of course, the dress (or top, or skirt) in question is a superhero of sorts. We're talking about the truly reliable, rock-steady pieces that will always do your body good. Even when you're not feeling your hair. Or nails. Or job.
That's right. The tirelessly flattering items ahead have the uncanny quality of working for all types of figures and shapes, and are ubiquitous enough in shops that you can find the exact one that fits your particular budget and taste. The 10 magical acts, right this way.

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