We Solve 3 Tricky Packing Challenges

We mete out our vacation days with the precision and discrimination of a surgeon, but when it comes to actually packing for a trip, all sorts of strategy seems to fly out the window. If we spent an ounce of the effort we make on planning for a trip on the actual gathering for it, we would never find ourselves stuck in instances where we're accidentally wearing flip flops to a beach wedding or shipping back five striped shirts (we never actually wore) to make room in our suitcase for the one lone souvenir we bought.
So, even though we're fashion editors, we run into the problems of under-editing our own clothes — but no more awkward vacation outfits, we say. This travel season, we're starting weeding out the stuff we'll actually wear from what we only imagine might look good in an Instagram shot (and, no, shouldn't bring "just in case"). We tasked three editors who are going on hard-to-pack-for trips to make it all fit. Here's how they did it.

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