8 Hair Lies You Need To Stop Telling

Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh
Little white lies — we all tell them. But, sometimes those seemingly harmless fibs can cause some serious damage. Take, for instance, your hair. Whether it's a cut you hate or even unintentional baldness, a lot of drama can come from telling a lie to your stylist.
But, don't think you're getting away with those untruths. Your locks will always sell you out. When you sit down in that salon chair, any stylist or colorist worth her weight in Elnett will be able to tell what you’ve been up to. That said, there’s still plenty you need to share with them that may not be as plain as the hair on your head. For some reason, though, our overwhelming urge is to lie.
Lying to your hair colorist is like lying to your doctor or psychiatrist,” says Kyle White, lead colorist at the Oscar Blandi Salon in New York City. “You know you shouldn’t do it, and you know it could have major repercussions, yet women do it all the time!”
When you think about the time, maintenance, and money you spend on your hair, the urge to fib about the products you use, your willingness to do regular blowouts, your fidelity to your stylist, when you’ll come back for root touch-ups, your natural color and texture, or what you really want done to your hair seems self-destructive. And, a wee bit crazy. So, before you look your stylist in the eye and tell another white lie, read on to discover the ugly consequences for being untruthful. From dissolved hair (yes, really) to a never-ending bad hair day, these are eight very good, very scary reasons why you should never lie to your stylist.

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