The White Way To Dress After Dark

It may technically be spring, but it seems Mother Nature has yet to get the memo. So, with the season off to a seriously slow start, it's easy to push warm-weather clothes aside in favor of that trusty ol’ gray sweater. If only there were a way to keep from freezing our you-know-whats off without sacrificing style.
Enter crisp, but cozy, white-on-white layers — the perfect solution to our current style dilemma. First, watch as our style editor, Annie Georgia Greenberg, demonstrates how to sport the color scheme head to toe for a night out (without looking like an extra from Saturday Night Fever), and then shop what you saw from British trend hub Missguided. The pieces are from its collaborative collection with style icon Nicole Scherzinger, called Nicole x Missguided, and they pair together so effortlessly that you won’t think twice about swapping out your winter apparel in their favor.
We may not know when spring will be here to stay, but we do know you’re 58 seconds from having this look down cold.
Edited by Christopher Michael Beer; Shot by Jack Pearce and Kenny Wu.

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