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While we appreciate the fine art of crafting an intricate liner look or the majesty of an artfully decorated mane, we also know that sometimes you just want to get out the door ASAP without looking like you woke up in a gutter somewhere. Why does looking put together have to require so much effort?
Thankfully, it doesn't have to. With the right products and the proper knowledge, you can look like you carefully crafted your hair and makeup, except, you know, without actually having to do anything. We went to the beauty pros in the know to get 40(!) of the most genius beauty hacks that will have you primed, primped, and prettied up in as little time as humanly possible. Hit that snooze button because, girl, you got nothing but time now.
Read on to uncover these behind-the-scenes secrets, straight from the best and brightest minds in the beauty biz.

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According to makeup artist Fiona Stiles, you don't need a full wardrobe of face products to perfect your complexion — all you need is one really great concealer. "When you're moisturizing your face, leave a little cream in your palm," she advises. "Using a synthetic foundation brush, mix a little concealer with the cream in your hand. Brush on the thinned-out version of your concealer as you would a foundation. Then wipe the brush with a tissue, and use the same concealer to cover any blemishes."
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Want to cut your styling time in half? L.A.-based hairstylist Randi Petersen says to ditch your cotton towels and grab some paper ones to dry your strands. "By blotting wet hair with a paper towel, it absorbs much more water then a standard towel," she says.
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If you love the way matte foundation works for your skin, but hate that it erases any trace of a natural glow, then makeup artist Daniel Martin has just the tip for you. "If you want to brighten up a matte foundation, add a drop of face oil to lift up the texture," he says. "I like to add a drop of Tatcha's Camellia oil to Chanel's Mat Lumière Foundation to add a bit more radiance to the longwear foundation."
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Hairstylist Hallie Bowman has nothing but RAVE reviews for this conditioner, which she says is absolute magic on limp locks. "I don't know how this product works, but I can almost feel the conditioner standing my hair on end," she says. "This is a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that really works; it's excellent for stubbornly flat hair. You don't even need other products to style with afterward — if you let your hair air dry, it works almost like a salt spray without the white powdery residue."
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We never knew blotting papers had so much potential. "The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues always come in handy for more than just absorbing excess oil — I use them to blot lips and  to protect the undereye area when applying eyeshadow," explains makeup artist Alexis Ellen.
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For a healthy flush, Martin is a fan of this matte lip cream. "The clean pink color works well on the lips but also as a cheek stain on the apples of the cheeks," he says. "[Apply] three dots of color on each cheek) then rub into the skin to add a sheer wash of bright clean color without the use of powder."
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Add one more to the Bb Cityswept fan club. "It's great to achieve a modern '90s grunge or lived-in look," says hairstylist Jonathan Mason. "Lift the hair and then gently release it while applying to ensure an even application. Bb Cityswept is great to achieve shine, movement, texture, and pieceiness."
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For an eye look that stays put, makeup artist Min Min Ma recommends colored eye primers. "Eye primers are excellent to keep makeup lasting all day, but now with the tinted ones, you can wear it on its own for a subtle wash of color or pair it with a powder, liquid, or cream eyeshadow," she says.
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According to stylist Christian Wood, if you want to create a perfect 'do in minimal time, what you really need is a hair piece. "One of the easiest tricks that is widely used is hair pieces. It's as simple as a wrap around ponytail and can be used in seconds to create buns, topknots, braids, or just a simple ponytail with extra oomph."

The key to making them work for you? "Simply put existing hair into ponytail, push the grip inside the hair piece into the base of your own hair, and wrap the extra hair around your own ponytail," says Wood. "Use a small piece of the added hair to wrap around the join, and secure with a pin. You can have a fabulous swishy ponytail in seconds, rather than spending hours trying to make your own hair into something that probably won't achieve the same look."
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Besides being great moisturizers for the face, oils can also be used for a wealth of other cures. Makeup artist Kindra Mann, who swears by Kate Somerville's Dilo Oil, says she likes to use her oil as a hydrator, then runs the excess through her hair to tame flyaways and on her cuticles to combat dryness.

Makeup artist Clarissa Luna says Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Oil is her favorite product: "[It's] packed with goodness for the skin and can be used in so many ways. Being a makeup artist, I always get the 'How did you make her skin glow?' question. Well, this is my secret! Two to three drops of oil gives your face an instant glow. There’s also no need to reach for a lip balm, because you can apply this to the lips, delivering the perfect amount of moisture. I also use it on dry cuticles, elbows, and knees, on set. But, my favorite way to use it is to add a couple drops of the oil to foundation, creating my own tinted moisturizer, saving both time and money. I’ve had models literally beg me for my supply."
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Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray is the MVP of the timesaving world, with multiple superstar stylists swearing it's their can't-live-without-it product pick. "When you wake up in the morning and your hair is flat and there's no time to wash it, a few sprays [of this] gives beautiful volume with texture," says Giovanni Giuliano. "It doubles as a dry shampoo and texturizer," agrees Kristi W. "Spritz on your roots for added volume and to spray away oils. Spritz throughout hair for a tousled, messy look."

"When creating beachy waves or a textured updo," says Wood, "simply spray this into freshly curled hair, and shake the hair out upside down. It turns limp, obviously curled hair into sexy, effortless waves with a rock 'n roll vibe in seconds." "I love it because it's so versatile — you can you use it to hold and add volume to a fresh style, spray it on second day hair to soak up any oil and extend your style, or just spray where you want to get sexy texture and lift," explains Adam Campbell.
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Another cult-classic that's earned its keep, this concealer can do a helluva lot more than just hide your undereye circles. "This product can be used so many different ways and can save you not only time but money in all of its different uses," says Mann. "Not only is it a fantastic concealer on its own, you can mix it with a little moisturizer of SPF to get a sheer coverage foundation effect. Apply it to the lids as a shadow primer or on the lips as a primer — apply before lipstick to create a neutral base that will aid in staying power."
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For beachy waves in a flash, Petersen says all you need is this magic cream. "After a shower, apply a quarter size amount to your hair and let air dry. When you go to bed at night, spin your hair into a bun about ear level, and you'll wake up with curling-iron like wavy hair. If your ends are kinked, just run some water over that area. Repeat for a few days."
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If you don't have a great nude lipstick in your arsenal, makeup artist Matthew Sky says you are missing out. "Every girl should own one the way they do with a simple black dress and black pumps. I like to use it as a base color. The idea is that you use two lipsticks — the base shade and then a pop or color like bright pink, orange, or red in the middle as a wash. It takes seconds to apply and gives your lips a three-dimensional look."
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Why settle for body lotion when you can have BB lotion? Makeup artist Pati Dubroff is a fan of this new body perfecter by Jergens because "it does all the miraculous things we come to expect from BB creams. It blurs away imperfections, evens the tone of skin, and illuminates. But, best of all it hydrates and visibly firms skin. This miracle in a tube makes the body look gorgeous upon first use and even more so with continued use. I also love that it is available in drugstores for $12.99. Win, win in my book!" Ours, too, Pati.
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If you struggle with updos, hairstylist Derek Williams says these pins are what you've been missing. “Gloria Haarpfeil hairpins are great time-savers for putting hair up. You can get a perfectly disheveled twist or bun using just one pin and in no time at all," he says.
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Bronzer: It's not just for your cheeks, apparently. "Using your bronzer on your eyes, especially in the crease, gives depth and dimension without it looking like you're wearing much makeup," explains Stiles. "Plus, it gives a beautiful sculpted look to the face, which always looks classically beautiful and saves you from reaching for other products."
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Multi-functional products definitely live up to their names when they are in a makeup artist's kit. Our pros couldn't stop raving about all of the awesome things you can actually do with these multitasking marvels. "I always carry some sort of all purpose beauty balm in my bag or makeup kit," says makeup artist Rachel Wood. "You can use it for chapped lips, on brows for tweezing, mix it up with a lip pencil to make a lip stain, mix it with shimmer pigment to make a glossy eye cream, pat on cheekbones as a highlighter, on your hair as a gel, or mix it with a lipstick or cream blusher to stretch out [that product's] longevity."

Makeup artist Liset Garza loves Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, which she uses to hydrate skin, add shine to lips, as a highlighter on cheekbones, tame unruly brows, condition cuticles, and as an after-shave treatment. Rebecca Restrepo is also an Eight-Hour acolyte, using it for everything from sheering out her lipsticks to applying it to the ends of her hair to protect her color from chlorine and salt water.

Looking for a more natural option? Makeup artist Lauren Andersen loves the Honest Company's Healing Balm, which she says is great as a highlighter (we're sensing a theme here), and as a moisturizer for dry skin and cuticles. "It may take a few washes but I've even put it in my hair for a super-slick look," she says.
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To pump up volume on flat hair, Giuliano suggests rolling up a sheet of aluminum foil into a long breadstick shape, bending it in half, and wrapping hair around it in a zigzag. "Place the wrapped hair in a flat iron and press for a minute. Release hair from foil and brush out into glam waves. Finish with a quick hit of texturizing spray," he says.

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, $2.99, available at CVS.
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They don't call it Convertible Color for nothing — this classic cream is truly a does-it-all wonder. According to makeup artist Mari Shten, you can use it as a blush, lip tint, and eyeshadow. "You can't go wrong with monotone makeup, plus the cream texture is really easy to blend," she says. Mann agress it's time-saving because you can just apply it with your fingers — no need to dig out the brushes. "Cream blushes give cheeks a natural fresh glow and it's easy to dab a dot on the apples of the cheeks and blend it in with your fingers," says makeup artist Julie Harris.

Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera, $25, available at Stila.
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While they may not be the most sophisticated of hair products, according to hairstylist Aviva Perea, they truly are invaluable in getting ready quickly. "To save time on drying, I use the Aquis Essentials Hair Turban, and I have become slightly obsessed with it. I throw it on after I wash my hair while I moisturize, and by the time I take it off, most of the water has disappeared! The turban is made out of material that is ultra-absorbent so it cuts down on blowdrying time," she says.
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For a quick, natural-looking bronze, Mann says she's in love with this two-in-one. "It offers a liquid bronzer that adds color and glow to the skin, and a shimmery blush on top," she says. "The easy roll-on application makes it a fast and efficient way to add that sun-kissed look with no additional brushes needed."
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The number one way to make your hair look great in zero time in the a.m.? Do it at night. "After shampooing and condtioning, rough dry your hair upside down until about 90% is dry," advises Campbell. "Then brush your hair smooth, gather into a twisted bun on top of your head, and secure with an elastic. Spritz with your favorite hairspray, and allow the the bun to dry completely, then go to sleep with the bun in. Undo the bun [in the morning], and shake out to have beautiful, full, and sexy waves."
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 "Use an eyeliner pencil smudged as shadow for a fast smoky eye," says makeup artist Mai Quynh. "It's one less step, to not apply any eyeshadow, which saves time," she says. Quynh suggests using a non-waterproof eyeliner pencil. "Rim the inner eyes and then smudge with the side of the pencil so that it goes along top and bottom lashline." 
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Just as face oils make great multitaskers for your skin, so, too, do hair oils have myriad uses on your hair. "If I have to do a really quick blowout on frizzy or fluffy hair that needs to last in every climate, [hair oil] is a very useful product to quickly achieve glossy, fabulous hair," says Wood. "Simply add a small amount through mid-lengths and blowdry as normal. Once dry, tie the hair into a sleek bun at the nape of the neck, and leave for as long as you can. The oil mixed with the bun allows the hair cuticle to be smoothed out while cooling and it also gives the hair extra bounce due to the bend on the hair formed by the bun. Once released the hair should be sleek, glossy, bouncy, and most importantly long-lasting and time-saving."

To get rid of frizz and flyaways, hairstylist John Francis says to dab some oil in your hands, then twist your hair through your hands from roots to ends, as if you were going to put your hair into a ponytail. "After a few twists with a dab of oil, your hair will be much smoother and ready to go," he says. Looking for a good oil pick? Mason says this one from Wella is his new favorite. "It will instantly condition to make hair more supple and provides beautiful shine and won't weigh hair down — even with fine hair."
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If you really want to save time and room in your makeup bag, makeup artist Carola Gonzalez says to choose a lipstick that can also double as a blush. "That way, if you go out at night, you'll only need to bring one product for touch-ups," she says. "One of my favorite shades to do this with is MAC's Please Me lipstick — it's the perfect shade for just the right pigment of pink for lips and cheeks. If you want to go for a more bold or classic look, try a red shade like MAC's Ruby Woo."

MAC Lipstick in Please Me, $16, available at Nordstrom.
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"A great way to save on time is by using a product that is a multitasker," says Perea. She loves Phytovolume Spray, which she calls her little triple threat. "It's the best volumizer I have ever used because it's super-lightweight, but gives massive volume and isn't sticky at all. It also works as a styling tonic, which basically means that it helps keep the style in place. And, it gives hair shine, which means you can skip those heavy oils and serums if you need to."

Phyto Phytovolume Actif, $29, available at Sephora.
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That moisturizing eye cream can also make a great quick fix for chapped lips, cracked cuticles, and dry knees, says Stiles. "It's the most emollient product you put on your skin, so use the remainder anywhere your skin is a bit parched and reap the results."

Lancôme Génifique Yeux, $65, available at Sephora.
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"One of the most time-consuming tasks is brushing out your hair to prepare for blowdrying," says hairstylist Joshua Barrett. He suggests you save time by doing all of this in the shower before you start your styling routine. "After you shampoo your hair, apply the conditioner or mask. Before you rinse out the product, use a wide-tooth comb to brush through your hair from roots to ends. The conditioner allows for easy combing to get rid of tangles and smooths the hair out, making it easier to style."
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"Tom Ford Clear Lip Lacquer is a time-saving, multiuse must-have in my kit — it's easy to use and can create myriad looks," says makeup artistJoey Maalouf. "Dab it on your eyelids with your finger and the subtle shimmer creates a classic Studio 54 look. For a chic and minimal approach, apply it to your lips alone, or apply it over your favorite lip color to dress things up quickly. The velvet-y texture is so rich and beautiful that you can even use it to highlight your cheekbones."
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Kevyn Aucoin's Celestial Powder certainly has its fair share of fans, but that's because this genius highlighter just makes skin look so good with so little effort. "It's quick and it gives the most beautiful luminous glow," says makeup artist Amy Hanlin. "You can apply it lightly all over your face for a sun-kissed dewy look or use it as a highlighter. You don't need a lot, and it blends in magically with your skin. If I'm running out of the house, I'll just do a quick brush all over my face and done!"
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So dedicated to time-saving beauty tricks is hairstylist Sarah Potempa, her entire line of products is aimed at helping the everyday girl cheat at doing her hair. Her favorite? The Wrap Up, a hair tool that helps you craft topknots, low buns, and half-up hairstyles in as little as 15 seconds. "It's a flexible tool that makes the perfect topknot by opening it up, sliding hair through like a ponytail, rolling down, and bending around so you don't need bobby pins! You can even create a faux bob by rolling the hair under and bending towards the front," she says.

Sarah Potempa The Wrap Up, $12, available at Ulta.
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For lip color that needs no reapplying, both Luna and Stiles suggest cheek stain like The Balm's Stainiac. "This gel formula stain is a makeup kit essential," says Luna. "Apply this to the lip for a rosy lip tint, or layer it for a serious pop of color. Add a couple dabs to the cheeks, and blend with your fingertips, for a bashful glow. On days that I know are going to take a lot out of me, I use it before lipstick, which allows me to skip the touch-ups throughout the day." Adds stiles, "The color on your cheeks lasts throughout the day, and you won't have to touch up your lips for hours."

TheBalm Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain, $17, available at TheBalm.
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After we saw this tip from NYC hairstylist Adam Maclay, we realized we needed to seriously reconsider mousse. "Most would say mousse is a thing of the past, but there has been some advancements in the last decade," he says. "I love to apply a dollop size to my palms and scrunch into damp hair. Let air dry and style as you want. Either leave it in for a crunchy look or break it up with your fingers for soft volume. It's such an amazing product for spring and summer hairstyles."

Sebastian Mousse Forte, $16.95, available at Ulta.
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You don't need to spend precious minutes trying to perfect your foundation — just try this powder from It Cosmetics. "It's packed with skin-loving ingredients and can offer you a full coverage look in less then 30 seconds," says Mann. "Simply buff it into the skin, and you are all set — no need to apply any additional products for coverage. It does it all."
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We know, we know — dry shampoo is a no-duh time-saver, but our pros promise there are some innovative ways to use it to get even more time-saving benefits. For a quick, sexy updo, Barrett says to apply dry shampoo spray to the root area, and work it in with your fingers. Gather all your hair into a high ponytail, then take the ponytail and backcomb it into four equal sections. Gather the ponytail together, twist together around the bass of your elastic, and use pins to secure. Hairstylist David Lopez says he likes to spray it on the roots to refresh a blowout or spritzed into the mid-lengths and ends for instant volume and texture.
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If clumpy lashes are tripping you up, Gonzalez says your new best friend is a lash comb. "When applying mascara, have a clean lash wand or a lash comb separate from the mascara wand. Run it through your lashes after each application. This will prevent clumps and keep lashes separate. It will save you a lot of time from having to fix any excess of mascara with makeup remover."
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For natural-looking waves in a hurry, Hanlin says she swears by Josie Maran's Bohemian Waves. "It's my favorite because it's all natural and doesn't weigh my hair down. It gives it texture and a little wave without making it crunchy and sticky, like other sea-salt sprays. I just spray it all over like hairspray, spraying a little at a time (don't overuse it!), and then scrunch and tousle my hair."
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CK One color global makeup artist Hung Vaango says his ultimate time-saving trick is to just ditch the makeup brushes. "I love applying everything with my fingers, including foundation, concealer, cream blush, highlighter, cream eyeshadows, and lipsticks." Works for us.

CK One 3-in-1 Face Makeup, $30, available at Ulta.
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Sometimes clean hair can be detrimental to styling — it can get fluffy, static-y, and impossible to style. To dirty it up and make it more manageable, Kristi W. says to add this creamy paste for instant "second-day" messy texture, which will look good on its own. Or, make it easier for you to style your locks.
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