S.F. Buzz: Balenciaga Coming To The Bay, & More!

bal-embedPhoto: Via Balenciaga.
As the adage goes, news travels fast. And, in a city as socially connected as S.F., "fast" doesn't even cut it — try lightning speed. That's why we local editors work around the clock to keep our eyes on the prize and ears to the ground, to bring forth the buzziest and freshest headlines in and around our city. From an are-you-serious-right-now sale on irresistible shoes to a new line of romantic bridal dresses, here's everything you need to know this week.
Killer pairs of kicks, especially cobbled by the hands of local designers, will always have a special place in our hearts and closets. Our budgets? Not so much. Don’t shed a tear just yet — coming to our rescue is Freda Salvador’s annual sample sale! Next Saturday, Fort Mason will be crowded with hundreds of steppers that you can slip into and walk out the door by only dishing $80 to $150. (Freda Salvador)
Now that you’re guaranteed to save a few pretty pennies on some pumps, you can take your savings to splurge at Silicon Valley’s upcoming Balenciaga boutique, opening this summer. And, considering the fashion house only has six locales in the nation, we’re starting to feel a little special. (Racked SF)
It’s not very often you see a story as touching as this. When Allison Chen passed away just a month shy of opening up her dream noodle house in Oakland, her friends and family decided to unite to open the eatery in her honor. Yeah, we have tears in our eyes, too. But, they can’t do it alone, and that’s where we come in. Head over to the Indiegogo page to support the cause — your heart and, eventually, your tummy will be much fuller once you pitch in! (Indiegogo)
With this latest collection by Sarah Seven, we feel like we just struck gold. The line’s spring batch of glittery gowns is ready for us to lust over in the lookbook, Gold Label. We knew seven was our lucky number for a reason. (Sarah Seven)
Curious to know how brewing superstar Blue Bottle got its start? Slate digs into its success story and the rising trend of tech’s venture capitalist entering the hospitality scene. (Slate)
Missionites, if coffee isn’t your, um, cup of Joe, but you still need that jolt to jump-start your day, you’ll be able to wander into Samovar’s concept store that will start dishing out elixirs and scones this May. Pinkies up! (Samovar)
Now that Girl Scout cookie season has crumbled away, it’s time to officially get back on track for that summer bod. Enter, Avante Barre. The exercise boutique will be launching its Soma flagship studio in the near future for us to let it burn. (Avante Barre)

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