Peep Show: Bikini Tops You Can Totally Sport At Music Fests

Photo: Courtesy of Mara Hoffman.
As much as we heart all of the wonderful things that come with festival season, there's no denying that most festivals are hot, like insert-flame-emoji-here hot. So, to combat the sweltering heat, we're going to let a little fashion faux-pas slide just this once and encourage the wearing of bikini tops as actual tops. (Yes, we're serious.) And, given that music fests are one of the only socially acceptable places to don this look, we suggest you take advantage.
Ahead, we've rounded up 15 brightly hued bikini tops that'll totally slay festival style. What's more, if you're feeling modest, these picks will even look badass peeking out from under mesh tank tops or sun dresses. With pieces from Mara Hoffman, Zara, Topshop, and beyond, your ultimate festival outfit awaits. Less is more has never meant so much.

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