New Wedding Outfits (Using Old Clothes)

Don't look at your fridge now, but your save-the-dates for the year are starting to crowd out your grocery lists for prime real estate. And, if your bank account isn't experiencing the same sort of bounty, it can be stressful coming up with appropriate-but-affordable outfit options to wear to your friends' nuptials. Indeed, between a wedding gift, transportation fees, and lodging costs, fitting a new ensemble into your budget can be quite the challenge.
This time, forgo that shopping trip you can't afford, and turn to your own closet instead. Using clothes you likely already own, we're showing you how to concoct an elegant look for all those spring weddings. (And, if you're missing an item or two, this still makes any trip to the store a whole lot more manageable.) So, click through to see three different outfits made with three different items that come straight from your wardrobe. Now, that calls for a toast...

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