3 Easy Ways To Nail A Spring Date Outfit

Dating in Manhattan — or let's be honest, anywhere really — has its stereotypical draw backs. Simply finding someone you're willing to spend loads of free time with has proven to be a challenge. And, we're not about to shack up with an S.O that can't plan a solid hang-out sesh. Now, we're not saying we need anything fancy. Dinner out will do — anything from Shake Shack to Chez Sardine. Some kind of day-in-the-park activity will also work — if, of course, it ever decides to warm up. And, if you're headed to a wedding, gala, or event, we're the ideal plus ones.
But, once the date's been set, it's time to focus on the perfect outfit. We want something that makes us feel comfortable and appropriate and, most importantly, like ourselves. So, we've put together three quick-and-easy outfits that you can really make your own. If you fall more in love with these looks than your beau, well, we can't really help that — they're just that good.

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