Inside Mara Hoffman's Enchanted Showroom

Being fashion folk and all, we grew up playing dress-up. Back then, gowns and garlands would transport us to different worlds (where we were queens, okay!?). But, it's rare we get to teleport these days. Recently, though, Athena Calderone was able to dive headlong into an enchanted day of dress-up at BFF Mara Hoffman's studio.
The result? A gorgeous tour of Hoffman's NYC showroom (which is saturated in vibrant colors), awesome friend moments, and styling ideas for the big dreamers in all of us. And, lucky for you, we have all the fun-soaked, high-res pics, so you can relive the intimate moments, tour the studio, and, you know, imagine yourself alongside Athena in those clothes. Click through for a look at the pics, and check out the full story on Eye Swoon.

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