The New, Old Neckline: Off-The-Shoulder Makes A Comeback

We love our crop tops and backless dresses as much as the next girl, but sometimes we find ourselves in need of another way to subtly show some skin. Fortunately, the off-the-shoulder look is back in a big way, and we couldn't be happier to reintroduce this silhouette to our closets.
But, we’re not talking about the poufy prom dresses or DIY Flashdance sweatshirts of your fashion nightmares. The 2014 version is sleek and modern with just a hint of '90s bad-girl nostalgia and a bit of eclectic flair. Why not try a fuzzy, shoulder-baring sweater or a body-con dress that’ll ensure all eyes are on you? If boho is your game, we found gauzy, loose-sleeved dresses you can easily pack for any spring getaway. Because, winter has to thaw eventually — and we're ready to give it the cold shoulder.

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