8 Beauty Tricks That'll Blow Your Mind

Photos: Courtesy of Simon & Schuster; Courtesy of Family Circle.
Walking into Sephora with a zero makeup aptitude can be really intimidating. There seems to be endless knowledge and methods you need to understand, right? Wrong. Rules are meant to be broken. While there are thousands of books out there with how-to guides and rules on what you absolutely shouldn’t do with makeup, there is no Supreme Court of Beauty that will punish you if you bend the rules a little. And, those rules change all the time, in tandem with the latest innovations and beauty ideals. So, when and if you pick up a beauty book, take the advice with a grain of salt: Times change, and your beauty rules should change, too.
Based on the idea that while true beauty may be timeless, the advice we get about it might not be, we’ve visited three books with three very different perspectives on beauty, from different time periods: the classic Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin; the best-selling Glamour’s Beauty Book from the '60s; and the '50s Family Circle Guide to Beauty.
We wanted to see if their advice still held up today, and there were some amazing surprises from all of them. To keep them timeless, we’ve included recommendations on products that fit their advice today, even though the text was written decades ago. We bet you’re pretty curious, right? Join our beauty book club and see the tips for yourself.

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