Our 2 Cents On Mom Jeans? They're Totally Cool

After catching Sleeping with the Enemy on TV the other night, we got to thinking about mom jeans — and, yes, the film gave us a healthy dose of nostalgia. Remember how adorable '90s-era Julia Roberts was? Perhaps never more so than when she paired her signature curls and toothy grin with some super-high-waisted denim. Well, it looks like the baggy, boyfriend-meets-high-rise style is back — and not just for our syndicated, movie-watching pleasure. And, we're actually kinda into it. But, before you hit the comments to call us crazy, we're cashing in our two cents to tell you why we're totally okay with the resurgence.
They're actually not as bad as you think when styled the right way — see how awesome our own Connie Wang looks in hers? It's basically taking your relaxed-fit, boyfriend jeans up a notch. Instead of a low rise, these pieces highlight your natural waist and taper below the knee — they'll look cool teamed with crop tops and heels. But, if you're completely against acid-washed anything, don't worry, because there are plenty of darker rinses to try, too.
Of course, we'll concede that they cater to a niche audience. Maybe they're simply one of those trends that only fashion people like. But, love them, hate them, or love-hate 'em, they're clearly sticking around. So, tell us: Can you see yourself rocking a mom jean this season? Or, do you think they should remain a thing of the past? If you said yes to the former, click ahead to shop nine iterations that'll surely make a statement.

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