6 Solid Reasons To Stay In Your PJs All Day Tomorrow

Chunky heels, sweatshirts, knits layered over dresses — these are the trends that we not only love but are also thankful for. After all, they're style staples that provide major comfort. Still, at this point in the week — having made it almost all the way to TGIF — we'll take any excuse to stay in our pajamas a little bit longer. Maybe even all day? Well, enter the trend that lets you make that happen: loungewear.
We're taking a tip from the loose, casual wares we spotted on the runways — including luxe silk separates and cozy cotton sweatpants — and styled outfits around the pieces we wear to bed. Whether you're headed to class, en route to the office, or embarking on a few weekend errands, we whipped up a number of relaxed looks that totally qualify as real-world-appropriate. Follow the advice in the slideshow ahead and you'll appear completely put-together (even if you're not). Click on, and then feel free to hit the snooze button a couple more times on Friday morning.

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