The Newest Trick For Day-To-Night Dressing

Maybe it's been several years since you pulled out your trusty crafting kit, but your favorite designers (Phillip Lim and Marc Jacobs, for example) have definitely gotten re-acquainted with their glue guns this season, bedazzling seemingly everything in sight. That's right — bold embellishments are back, people. And, while we've certainly seen our share of decorated gowns and formal attire in past collections, it's those sporty pieces that carry a bit of ornamental shine right now, changing up the way we tackle day-to-night dressing.
All it takes is a little beading or a simple garnish to catapult laid-back mainstays like tees, vests, or bombers into high-fashion territory for spring '14. Meaning you can finally transition those casual items into your work or after-hours looks. Click through to peep (and shop!) 12 embellished must-buys we're crushing on hard. Get ready, because this is one art project you'll definitely want to display proudly. And, it won't require any major art skills.

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