Makeup Secrets You Haven't Heard Before

Everyone has a favorite makeup tip that’s a little under-the-radar or off the deep-end — or both. You know, those eyebrow-raising bits of advice that sound more like old wives’ tales than beauty miracle workers and are typically passed on in the darkest corners of the ladies’ room after a few drinks.
Maybe your stepmom taught you to zap honking hormonal zits with a Q-tip and a bit of Visine, or you once tried the old mayonnaise-as-a-hair-mask trick for kicks — and it actually worked, so you’ve sworn by it ever since. Most of us have heard the bit about how Preparation H cream, in spite of its, um, less-than-glamorous original purpose, de-puffs those pesky tired eyes in a pinch.
Then, there are the solutions that are right in front of your nose, like using eye cream to wipe away that stubborn waterproof mascara, or employing a bit of tape to remove leftover glitter from your face. But, makeup artists have been holding out on us — there’s a whole host of insider tricks they use that they haven’t shared with the rest of us. Until now, that is.
Here, top makeup artists weigh in on the out-of-the-box beauty fixes of the future: Tips and tricks that will not only change the way you do your makeup, but might change the way you look at certain household products the next time you’re in the grocery store.

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