The New Plus-Size Fast Fashion To Obsess

We were so excited to hear about the relaunch of Eloquii yesterday that we just couldn’t wait to bring you the news. But, this morning, we snuck away to attend the official launch event and get our hands on the goods. We're happy to report: They do not disappoint.
No longer confined to the boxy, corporate styles of the past, Eloquii 2.0 (as we’re nicknaming it) is filled with fashion-forward, contemporary items that mimic the trends seen in (what we reluctantly refer to as) straight-size brands. The collection delivers exactly what our wardrobes want, minus all those plus-size problems that send us over the edge.
We gabbed it up with the brand's creative director, Jodi Arnold, to find out exactly what happened with Eloquii and what we can expect in the future. Read on for more details, and then click through to see a few shots from the big reveal party.
What made you decide to bring Eloquii back?
"I was contacted by an investor who was looking to invest in a plus-size brand right around the time that The Limited closed Eloquii. The management team still felt so passionate about the plus business, so we began talks about how to re-launch the brand as an independent company. We heard all of the feedback from the customer after we closed and we felt so strongly that we had to find a way to relaunch and give this customer what she wanted."
What are you doing differently this time?
"We saw that this customer has a love for forward fashion that she is still not being given. We are designing in a fast-fashion cycle so our design timeline is only about six months out. This way, we can give her trends in a timely fashion, executed in a way that is contemporary.
"We are also connecting with her through social media and our internal blog — something we did not have before. We will also have much more style advice and relevant content for her on our site."
Will products finally be available in The Limited stores or will there be stand-alone stores?
"We are no longer owned by The Limited; we are owned by several investors and management. We are currently only online at"
Has the design aesthetic changed?
"We are definitely going to ramp up the fashion from the first version of Eloquii, while at the same time keeping the tried-and-true denim, basics, pants, and jackets that our previous Eloquii customers loved.
"We will be designing everything in-house to give a cohesive collection, dropping new styles more than once a month. We will also be offering — in limited quantities — our studio collection, which will be our slightly more forward pieces that have a little more design detail."
What makes the new Eloquii different from other plus brands on the market?
"We still feel that this customer is not given the same well-executed fashion that the contemporary market gives, but at an affordable price point, especially in a wide range of styles. We want to not only design and execute differently, but we also want to give our customers an online experience of modern imagery and content she does not currently get."    

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