Editor Obsessions: A Random List Of R29's Must-Haves

Here at Refinery29's shopping department, we love a good buy. So much so that our weekend purchases often become the stuff of lively Monday morning chatter — which can sometimes even rise to the level of competitive bragging if the recently purchased item was especially unique or scored at a swindler-level discount. So, maybe you'd call it nosiness, but we took a spin around our offices to quiz a few of our staffers and find out what they're really buying for themselves right now.
Of course, when we say that, we're not talking about what they're researching for a story, not what's on their "wish list" if they had a cool $1,000 to spare, but what they were actually adding to their carts when we peered over their shoulders. Ahead, you'll find a QVC blender prompted by a Facebook friend's recent status update, some ridiculous head wear for a dozen bachelorettes, and a satisfying Fashion Week skirt purchase, among others. Yep, we've laid it all out. So, read on, and feel free to judge. Or, maybe you'll even want to get in on this most random shopping list, courtesy of R29.

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