10 Lies Your Hairstylist Tells You

We've all been there: You're in the salon, discussing a potential new cut, and your stylist admonishes that, no, that would never work on you. Or, while getting a blowout, you watch the pro's jaw drop when you own up to using whatever shampoo came in the huge, cheapo bottle at Costco. As a result of all that behind-the-chair judging, we tend to walk around with certain beliefs about what our hair needs, doesn't need, or will never, ever do.
Well, we hate to be all dramatic, but you've probably been lied to. Hair myths are one thing, but in our experience, it seems that some hairstylists seem to throw around commands and rules that we should maybe just take with a splash of salt (spray). To get down to the bottom of it, we asked a few of our personal hair Yodas to set the record straight on some of the common tall hair tales we've heard. Read on, and breathe easy. We'll get to the bottom of this hairy situation, once and for all!

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