11 Grown-Up Backpacks We're Crushing On Like Schoolgirls

Remember when your backpack was your whole world? Months before the first day of school, you'd begin the arduous task of deciding the style that would take you through the next year. And, when you finally tracked it down? Well, it was like finding your new best friend.
So, maybe it's nostalgia or just the inordinate number of supremely covetable backpacks on our radars right now, but our love for the two-shoulder slinger is officially rekindled. From gorgeous teal calf hair to pastel-gray patent leather (we know), any one of these 11 polished packs would find a happy home in our closets for at least a school year — or, you know, the office equivalent. Ahead, find the hands-free schlepper that's sure to make your life so much easier and fill you with childlike wonder once again.

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