Orange Lipstick: Better Than Red?

Maybe you've noticed — we're really excited about orange lipstick. This summery shade has somehow become appropriate for winter, and it's (almost) vibrant enough to drag us out of our seasonal depression.
The best part? As this trend catches on, there's new inspiration every day for ways to rock an orange lip. With variations in shade and texture, there are enough options to keep us entertained for months. In fact, orange lips are slowly but surely starting to replace red lips as the go-to bold pout shade on celebs and real girls alike. Cue shocked gasps.
Click through to see our favorite recent orange lip looks and the products you need to copy them. From apricot to orange-y red, there's a range of hues so delightful, we see no reason not to completely convert to the orange lifestyle. (Yes, it's a lifestyle).

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