29 Places You HAVE To Visit In 2014

This New Year’s Eve, you probably made a lot of promises to yourself. The usual work out more, stop eating so many Cronuts, quit drunk-tweeting, etc. But, maybe you had some other vows, too, motivating you to live a little. Like, stop living through other people’s Instagram feeds, get out of your same ol' rut, or make this your Year of Yes. Well, you’re only a month into 2014, so you have time to make those dreams a reality, see the world beyond your desk — hell, maybe even past Starbucks.
But, if this is indeed going to be your year of adventure, you'll need a little guide to what's out there beyond the been-there-done-that vacations that might be good but not life-changing. Ahead, we're sharing 29 of the coolest trips you could ever take. From catching the northern lights in Iceland and sleeping in a Bedouin tent in the Omani desert to hitting up a 12-acre wine festival in France and learning to drive on ice in Finland, these journeys run the gamut.
In 2014, you could discover a mecca for whiskey lovers, the best foodie spot in the States right now, or the coolest surf school we’ve ever seen. You also could stay at a hip French hotel for under $100 or at beachfront locales in Thailand and Mexico with rooms for under $150. Seriously, this could be your year. Whether you're an art junkie, obsessive foodie, or in need of some time off the grid, there is a global adventure here with your name on it.

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