Satchel Up! 10 Stunning Schleppers For Work & Weekend

Sometimes, nothing makes us happier than a brand-new bag. You know that feeling when you take your beloved purchase home for the very first time? You remove everything from your old bag (buh-bye!), give it a good wipe down (where'd those dust bunnies come from?), and carefully place your items in their shiny, new vessel. Just like that, it seems, the world is a happier place filled with possibility. Ah, the power of love.
So, what's fueled our latest urge to re-bag? This season's seriously covetable work- and weekend-worthy satchels. From extra-large to just large enough, these practical beauties will make your schlepping more pleasant and decidedly more stylish. So, click through for the lineup — your new-bag warm fuzzies await.

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