A Subtle Girl's Guide To Sexy Dressing

Maybe crop tops and cutouts aren’t part of your day-to-day wardrobe. (Really, do you even own a crop top?) Perhaps you’re more of a midi-skirt-wearing, high-waisted-jean-sporting, delicate-jewelry-donning kind of girl. And, that’s okay! It's not that you don't love these more revealing trends (on other people). It's just that, when it comes to you, subtler clothes and accessories are your wardrobe go-tos — every time. In fact, whether you're rocking a kitten-heel sandal or a slim-fit turtleneck, you know how to bring out the most alluring qualities in each.
And, truly, if you're not comfortable in that backless minidress and cockamamy bra contraption you contorted yourself into — no matter how amazing you look — it will show, guaranteed. That's why we're sharing 20 subtle-yet-scintillating buys that’ll suit even the most ladylike of dressers. After all, there's no reason to adhere to any unwritten standards of sexy style — you've got your own code, and we think it's pretty awesome.

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