Add To Cart: Under-$100 Home-Decor Picks

It's the little things that make a house a home, right? We're talking those tiny details that, though small, have the ability to transform just about any space. Well, lucky for us, the last seven days saw a surge of these special adornments — everything from bright (in color, not just wattage) lamps to elegant candlesticks — all of which pack some serious decor punch.
So, whether you're on the hunt for a cool, new shelving unit to add depth to an entryway or a vibrant saucepan to master your grandma's secret gravy, this week's installment of Add To Cart has got you covered. We culled our favorite accoutrements priced under $100 (because, really, maxing out your plastic is too depressing for a weekend) that are just clamoring for a primo spot in your pad. You know, so you have something super pretty to look at when you finally decide to go offline this lazy Sunday.

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