16 Interior Designer-Approved Buys

It only took one (sneak) peek at Leandra Medine's new office space for us to see that the folks at Homepolish — the interior geniuses responsible for the streamlined makeover — know what they're doing. Whether it's a total renovation or culling the perfect finishing touches, designers work by the hour to create a balanced space that just works. Oh, and they just launched in San Francisco & Chicago, too.
From a Cobble Hill gut renovation to revamping Ulla Johnson's new Soho office, Homepolish designer Katie Li has done it all. "I'm constantly running in an out of my apartment during the day, whether it’s hauling vintage furniture or artwork for a client, or managing an installation across town. I'm sure people must wonder what I do for a living.” Li says.
"Whenever people hear I'm an interior designer, I get questions like, ‘So, can you make me a pillow or something?’ as if that's all I do. I think some people don't understand how elaborate and involved interior design can be. It takes a lot of time to create a beautiful, functional space."
From drafting floor plans and managing contractors, to styling the final touches, an interior designer manages every aspect, right down to the picture-perfect details on the decorative tablescape. To give you peek at a typical day looks like, we tagged along with Katie and her client, Rachel Schwartzmann, of lifestyle blog The Style Line, as they shopped for her future office in NYC. Founded in NYC, The Style Line recently relaunched as a global destination for showcasing unique stories — from the streets of Paris to the sun-drenched Venice Beach boardwalk. “Location has always been a big part of The Style Line's DNA, and with an office space I would want the idea of location to resonate with those who are in the space.” Rachel says.
Together, Katie and Rachel decided on a color scheme (white with vibrant, saturated pops of color), and design scheme (clean, crisp, and modern, with city-themed accents), that would help create the ultimate reflection of her brand’s globe-trotting style.
“I think it's important to have a space that we can build off of, and having city-themed elements would remain very true to our brand and our love for celebrating people, places and stories from all throughout.” Rachel says. Particularly in an office, Li stresses that functionality is key. "Design should improve your quality of living, anything you add should improve a specific task or just make you a happier person by having it in the space.”

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