Clever Styling Tips To Flatter Everyone

It's far too often that "The Best Styling Tricks Evaaarrrr"-type stories leave you at a loss. Sure, if you had the legs of a supermodel and a closet full of designer goods, you, too, could probably pull off wearing a shoe on your head and your drop-crotch pants backward. But, for real life, where looking not-crazy is as important as looking unique, sartorial advice needs to be more tailored to accessibility, practicality, and what's actually flattering. So, yes, this story is titled "Plus-Size Layering Tips," but we're confident these pointers can benefit everyone's dressing game.
Our stunning model, Karissa, is five-foot-10 and rocked clothes that ranged from a size 12 to 14; however, this advice works for women who are bigger, smaller, shorter, or taller. From finding perfectly fitting boyfriend jeans to the correct way to mix and match your blacks, the 10 clever tips ahead are what you should reference the next time you want to look awesome. And, that's always, right?

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