15 Fitness Buys To Kick Your Workout Routine Into High Gear

“I’m going to run on the treadmill three times per week, practice yoga at least once a week, and eat super-duper healthy — you know, except on the weekends.” Sound like your New Year's resolution? Better question: How many times have you actually been to the gym this month? Don't worry, though, we get it. Making time for yourself is tough enough with work, friends, and family thrown into the mix. A 30-minute workout is just plain crazy-talk some days.
But, for those times when you can squeeze in a sweat sesh, we recommend investing in a few new pieces of fitness gear (that you'll actually feel good in). They'll do wonders for your motivation level, and you'll be equally determined to make sure your money is well spent. Whether it's workout essentials or couture, there's nothing sadder than a closet full of clothes with the tags still intact.

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