The 30 Items Your Small Space Needs

We totally get it. Home goods are pricey, and that's particularly true when they're compared to any other expense in your life. And, especially when you expect to move within the next couple of years, splurging on a piece of furniture or that really nice bedding set seems like a crazy thing to do — you'll treat yourself when you make a down payment on your first place, right? But, before you make yet another trip to replace the third flimsy dresser you've broken in as many years, think about it this way: If you spread out your purchases, take a little more time to look for quality construction, and only buy the kinds of good-looking items you can't imagine ever tiring of, you'll have those pieces forever.
But, don't think about the following collection of wares as a mandatory check list for a totally functioning small space (we know plenty a happy apartment missing many of these items). But, we believe the 30 pieces we gathered are the sorts of things that'll be aesthetically versatile and fit into all manners of spaces (including if and when you eventually upgrade to a not-so-small place). Plus, they'll all contribute to an efficient, attractive home that feels as cozy as it does chic. Ahead, check out our list of the 30 essentials your small space needs, and tell us: How many do you have already?

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