Keep Your Pants On! These High-Style Pairs From Nasty Gal Will Inspire You

With another bone-chilling cold front on its way to the Northeast, we're putting a temporary ban on the skirt and short portion of our closets and sticking to the full-coverage pant section — hey, there are certain temperatures even the thickest of tights can't handle.
That said, we understand if you're getting more than a little disenchanted with your weekly rotation of trousers and jeans, so we hopped on over to the always colorful Nasty Gal to pick you out a fresh new crop. From printed skinnies to cozy wide-legs and two pairs of ultra-chic overalls, each of these bottoms will give you and your wardrobe that little extra oomph to get you through winter. And, let's be honest, we're taking all the oomph we can get right now.

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