Hairstyles That Look GREAT Under A Hat

When the polar vortex was descending and the world as we knew it turned into the likes of the Canadian tundra, we New Yorkers felt our body temperatures drop faster than panties in an Usher music video. In this kind of unforgiving weather, retaining body heat may take priority, but style is a close second — we do work at Refinery29 after all.
So, for the days when topping off your look with winter headgear is nonnegotiable, we consulted Myrna Palacios, hairstylist at Rita Hazan Salon in NYC, for the six hairstyles that'll make (bad) hat hair a thing of the past.
The secret? Make your hairstyle intentionally messy. We found new ways to tease your hair like you've never teased before. Windchill's got nothing on you now.

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