Céline: The Broke Girl's Guide

These days, you'd be hard-pressed to find a woman who doesn't adore Céline. The brand's bags are one of the few It purses that don't make us roll our eyes, and who wouldn't want to be swathed in thick, chunky knits and exquisitely soft, oversized cocoon coats? Only problem is, for all its every-girl appeal, Céline's prices are aimed squarely at women in corner offices. So, what are us normal gals — you know, the ones who haven't made partner yet — to do?
Well, we rounded up 16 ways you can get the Céline look for less — way, way less. To be clear, we're not talking about that shady "Luggage tote" you got an amazing deal on in Chinatown. We're talking silhouettes and prints that give us a verrrry Céline vibe — but won't make Phoebe Philo file any lawsuits. From the perfect, slouchy sweater to the world's sexiest gray booties, the items ahead are sure to satisfy your fix for faux-French luxury — at least until that 200% raise comes in.

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